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Phil Foden says what Man City fans are thinking about David Silva

Manchester City playmaker David Silva will consider it daily at the Etihad the following summer following ten years at the Etihad. Phil Foden wouldn't like to consider David Silva leaving the club - regardless of whether it gives him more chances.

Manchester City's sorceror has entranced Premier League barriers as far back as touching base in 2010 and will go down as perhaps the best player to have graced both the Blues and English football. 
he has declared that he will leave the Etihad when his agreement runs out at the Etihad the following summer, Silva stays both significant and tremendously mainstream at the club. His control and completion in the main round of pre-season was brilliant, while new marking Rodri has made it his intend to win the Champions League this season as a fitting top to his kindred Spaniard's decade as a Blue; there will be no bad things to say in the event that he is given the commander's armband for his goodbye year. 

Having been seen for quite a while as the long haul successor to the smooth conniver, Foden stands the most to pick up from Silva's takeoff and will have had three entire years with arrives.

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