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Real Madrid Zidane: Bale played a good game, and I'm happy for him

Everyone's eyes were on Gareth Bale after he scored close to entering Real Madrid's success over Arsenal, and Real Madrid mentor Zinedine Zidane conceded he was glad for the player.

Bundle's future has been in the features in the course of the most recent couple of days, especially after Zidane himself said Los Blancos were hoping to move him on, yet even after a decent presentation in the shootout win, the Welshman's circumstance continues as before.
Zinedine Zidane, durante la rueda de prensa.
"He [Bale] made a decent showing, and I'm glad for him," Zidane said after Real Madrid's punishment prevail upon Arsenal.

"Similarly as with everybody [else] he is with us and will keep working. I don't have the foggiest idea what will occur. He needed to play, and a few days ago he didn't.

"We played well when it was 10 against 11, and were better when it was 10 v 10. I haven't addressed him.

"He's prepared typically and that is the reason he played. Nothing has transformed, you know the circumstance."

Marco Asensio was taken off in the second half on a stretcher in agony and in tears.

"It's stressing," Zidane said. "Ideally it isn't terrible, however he's gone directly to medical clinic for tests. It looks awful, we are stressed."

Taking a gander at certain players explicitly, Zidane was very complimentary of Marcelo, who contributed to the two objectives.

"He [Marcelo] looks included," Zidane went on. "He is an excellent player and we are going to keep him. For me nothing has changed.

"I have no arrangement [for Mariano]. I make groups and that is it. We will perceive what occurs in the following game.

"We are content with Hazard, and with the various players."

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