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Soccerupdates: Pep Segura Will Leave FC Barcelona In The Next Few Days

According to Soccerupdates, the General Manager's role has been offered to Eric Abidal
 This time it's been affirmed: Pep Segura will leave Barça. As per sources near the circumstance, it's "only days, or even hours" before it's made authority. The shared concurrence with the club finishes his job as the General Manager of Barcelona. Game sources affirm that a consent to end his relationship with the club is finished, despite the fact that it's as yet inadequate with regards to the relative marks on the report.There are different reasons concerning why this choice has been made yet the most huge one seems, by all accounts, to be the normal arrangement of Patrick Kluivert as the new La Masia Director. This declaration, uncovered only bySoccerupdate, will likewise be made authority very soon. Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu is right now in Japan however he's given his alright to Segura's flight and it could be affirmed without him visiting.

Segura has enlightened those nearest to him concerning the choice and feels his time at Barça has run its course. The most loved to supplant Segura is none other than Eric Abidal, who still hasn't given the club an answer. Abidal had a decent association with Segura and is choosing whether or not to take up the club's offer.

Following the exit of Jordi Mestre, Segura's primary supporter, it gotten into up a situation at the club. Bartomeu asked Segura to rethink his choice and persuaded him to remain until in any event the finish of the exchange window. Presently it shows up nothing - or nobody - can persuade Segura to remain.

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