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Juventus-Milan new contacts for Demiral, the updates on defensive front including Rugani and Lovren

Milan is coming back to the possibility of Merih Demiral, Juventus safeguard who was recently looked for by the rossoneri. There are set to be new gatherings between the sides about the 1998-conceived Demiral, Milan are set to offer €35m if Juventus are prepared to sell, mindful of the way that Sassuolo will acquire a segment of the clearance of Demiarl in the initial two years: it will depend if the monetary offer is adequate.

There could be a domino impact of a few safeguards moving clubs: on the off chance that Milan and Juventus arrive at an arrangement, at that point Rugani would be held by the bianconeri, keeping him from withdrawing for Roma. Rather, the capital club are after Lovern, while on the Rugani front Roma will be compelled to act rapidly, realizing that Demiral's deal to Milan would avert Rugani from leaving.

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