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Manchester City banned from all UEFA competitions for next two seasons

Manchester City have been banned from all UEFA competitions for the next two seasons and fined £24.9m for "serious breaches" of UEFA's Financial Fair Play and club licensing regulations.

Journalist Mark Ogden thinks Manchester City's players will put loyalty aside when it comes to their futures at the club and will look after their own interests. 

Speaking on Sunday Supplement: "Players will look after themselves. When Juventus were demoted after the match-fixing scandal, Patrick Viera was one of the first off and he’s still loathed in Turin as he left Juventus when they were relegated.

 Players can talk about loyalty all they want but if they feel their career is being damaged by a club that can’t offer them what they want, they’ll find a way to get out. City’s big players like Raheem Sterling and Kevin De Bruyne are all on long-term contracts so there is no way City will let them leave easily. 
"However, if they were in a situation where they can’t generate the income to play these players, none of the players have won the Champions League yet and if they stay at City they won’t win it for two more years. Keeping those players will be hard."
Mark Ogden feels Manchester City will find it very difficult to persuade their best players to stay at the club, using the example of Kevin De Bruyne hypothetically being targeted by Liverpool.

He said on the Sunday Supplement: “If this ban is upheld and Liverpool think that Kevin de Bruyne is one player that can make them better, how do Manchester City stop De Bruyne being interested in a move to Liverpool. 

I know this is hypothetical but Liverpool are the best team in Europe – if your club isn’t in the Champions League then how do you stop him being interested in joining them?”

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