Coronavirus: Traditional admirers prescribe 'palm wine, corn, severe leaf,' others as treatment for COVID-19

As governments, gatherings, experts, offices and specialists keep on scanning for solutions for abridge the spread of the lethal Coronavirus, otherwise called COVID-19, customary strict followers have asked governments at all levels to think about the utilization of conventional and profound solutions for contain the spread of the infection.

The conventionalists encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari and state governors not to disregard customary and otherworldly arrangements in the fight against the executioner malady.

Secretary-General of Traditional Religion Worshippers' Association of Oyo State (TRWASSO), Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode (PhD), in an announcement made accessible to DAILY POST on Monday, said that the utilization of present day medication ought not been viewed as the main answer for the destructive Coronavirus.

Fakayode who gave the announcement in the interest of conventional strict disciples in the state, kept up that a similar methodology by "our progenitors" can be utilized to handle the ailment while the otherworldly arrangements ought not be disregarded and ought to rather be taken care of by network profound pioneers.

Fakayode who is the organizer of Ijo Imole Olodumare, Alade Town in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital noticed that to save the world from the emergency of Coronavirus, it benefits everyone with the information on the answer for approach.

He included this is the primary explanation conventionalists in the state were turning out to contribute their own standard in the control of the savage Coronavirus in the nation.

As a feature of measures to shorten the spread of Coronavirus from the customary viewpoint, Fakayode prescribed that, "Individuals should crush ẹ̀fọ́ yánrin (wild lettuce) and ẹ̀fọ́ ewúro (harsh leaf) inside palm wine and drink capably. It can likewise be scoured on the body as sanitizer. Additionally, every day utilization of gúgúrú (Popcorn) is suggested."

Fakayode who recommended that palm wine utilization is exceptionally worthwhile right now, that a few things of incredible representative meanings like Akòko leaves and Tàǹgíìrì unit can be put at the passageway and inside the house individually to repulse the Ajogun, taking note of that the sort of nourishment that Yoruba otherworldliness instruct right now time is corn related.

"To save the world from this emergency of Coronavirus, it becomes everyone with the information on the solutions for approach. These days, a similar methodology by our ancestors can be utilized. While the profound arrangements ought not be disregarded and ought to rather be taken care of by the network otherworldly pioneers, It is here suggested that for counteraction and fix of Coronavirus, individuals should press ẹ̀fọ́ yánrin (wild lettuce) and ẹ̀fọ́ ewúro (harsh leaf) in palm wine and drink mindfully. It can likewise be scoured on the body as sanitizer. Additionally, day by day utilization of gúgúrú (Popcorn) is prescribed.

"Another methodology from Yoruba convention is to crush ẹ̀fọ́ yánrin (wild lettuce) and ẹ̀fọ́ ewúro (severe leaf) inside palm wine and use it to rub the body just as drinking some portion of it. These days, a few people substitute liquor (gin and soul) for palm wine. Palm wine utilization is worthwhile right now. In Yoruba land, during this season of plague, our predecessors drank palm wine and put a bowl of palm wine before the house. Who knows? Perhaps the infection causing the pestilence is increasingly appealing to palm win and will get caught in the bowl of palm tree juice.

"A few things of extraordinary emblematic undertones like akòko leaves and Tàǹgíìrì unit can be put at the passage and inside the house individually to repulse the ajogun. The sort of nourishment that Yoruba otherworldliness educate right now time is corn related. It very well may be bubbled corn called ègbo or popcorn called gúgúrú. Back to the weapon at work now, however no one until further notice could vehemently tell the segments, the suggestions could cause one to presume that each race has method for getting things done with materials in accordance with her way of life and condition.

"It is appropriate to take note of that back then, there were likewise counteractants for this sort of ajogun called infection it is possible that it is regular or a natural weapon. The cures were utilized for both preventive and remedial estimates at that point. Oral history has it that the counteractants were constantly powerful. The cures may be in type of entry point, sanitizer or cleanser to wash, shear spread to rub the body, water to drink or powder to lick which can be compared to the cutting edge infusion, cleanser, cream, syrup or containers/tablets separately.

"Now and again, in Yoruba otherworldliness, repulsing this sort of Ajogun would include ceremonies like divinations, penances and conciliation of the common powers and Divinities like Ọbalúayé/Sànpọ̀nná, Èṣù and Òrò. Sànpọ̀nná is accepted to have authority over all inconspicuous ajogun and thus forestall or free off any sort of pandemic. Èṣù is equipped for guarding each limit against any ajogun that should spread from another domain. Thus, crafted by Èṣù is to limit such infection to the geological area it began till it gets obliterated. Custom of Orò could be utilized on the grounds that, it is accepted that the voice of Orò is equipped for repulsing underhanded powers like this concealed ajogun. The adequacy of the utilization of Orò voice could be felt when one sees each obstruction moving endlessly due to the voice of alarm. Shockingly, in Yoruba land today, a few Muslims and Christians need Orò customs annihilated for claim of "sexual orientation predisposition".

"An infection is depicted as an infective specialist that is too little to even think about being seen. By suggestion, it implies that the specialist is imperceptible to the bare human eye. In spite of the fact that the imperceptibility endures, the infection could be seen uniquely by high goals electron magnifying instrument. This infection could be said to be one of the ajogun referenced in Yoruba otherworldliness. The ajogun are said to be inconspicuous yet Ifá, the sacred writing, is quiet about the size. Along these lines, not a single confirmation that it is too little to even consider being seen, however Elénìní as one of the ajogun is said to be littler to the Divinities yet could devastate them barring Ọ̀rúnmìlà. In any case, the Yoruba otherworldliness asserts that however, the ajogun can't be seen with exposed human eye, individuals with profound or internal eyes can locate the ajogun obviously. The internal eyes could be compared to the high goals electron magnifying lens.

"In the event that Coronavirus is a characteristic infective operator, we can compare it to the "ajogun" that originate from heavenly world to the earthly space for a reason, either great or ominous to mankind. That implies, it isn't excessively odd to the Yoruba individuals who are versed in their otherworldliness. What's more, the arrangement may be the standard methodology utilized by the progenitors. In the event that Coronavirus is an organic weapon developed as an instrument of war by a force to be reckoned with as affirmed by individuals, I think such information isn't restricted to a solitary land.

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